Our People

Trevor Crafts - Creative Director

Born with a cellphone in one hand and a Pantone color chart in the other, Trevor is a veritable Leonardo DaVinci of the business communications world.

During his 15 years in the industry, Trevor has produced everything from corporate events to TV broadcasts and Emmy-award-winning documentaries; acted as creative director, executive producer, director and editor; provided a wide range of enhanced creative solutions, including branding systems, meeting media, HD and 4k video pieces, and motion graphics; and made us all really envious because he’s ridiculously tech-savvy and just too darn good at way too many things. He even worked with NASA… as well as Deloitte, Merck, Amgen, Bank of America, MTV, the Philadelphia Zoo and Anthropologie.

Prior to launching Point Global Productions, Trevor was the behind-the-scenes, creative-problem-solving go-to-guy for many of those other event production companies we’d rather not mention here. He has lots of cool camera equipment and a bunch of impressive industry awards - including an Emmy® - that look really good on the mantle in his new LA home.

With the advent of PGP, he is ready to wow you in person and charm you with his subtle humor and enviable smarts.