Davi Sings Sinatra - Launch of an Artist's Singing Career

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After a highly successful acting career - working with the biggest names in Hollywood including Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood, and Bruce Willis – Robert Davi decided it was time to work with Point Global's Trevor Crafts… to help promote and rebrand himself as he returned to his first love: singing.

Davi chose top talent when changing his career path and putting together this album, including producer, Phil Ramone - the Grammy-winning legend who helped Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon, and Tony Bennett create their greatest hits. So it's no small honor to have been asked by Davi to develop and execute a marketing plan for the launch of his renewed career. Video production, motion graphics design, venue contracting, website development – Point Global continues to do it all as Robert Davi's resonant voice brings sold-out audiences to their feet.